SEJyD Meeting

The first meeting of the SEJyD (Society for the Advancement of Judgment and Decision Making Studies) will take place in Palma de Mallorca on July 12 and 13 (2016), under the auspices of our research group EvoCog.

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The SEJyD was established, for legal purposes, the September 28, 2014. The founding meeting was held on september 2013 in the Mind, Brain and Behaviour Research Center (Centro de investigación Mente, Cerebro y Comportamiento – CIMCYC) in order to create a network between different research groups focused on the study of human judgment and decision-making. This has been a growing area in the last decades and it involves seemingly distant fields as experimental psychology, neuroscience, clinical and social psychology, ergonomics, behavioral economics and sports science, among others. One of the priority goals of the SEJYD is to cover a gap in this field of study at the state level, and to serve as a link to multiple research groups working on these issues in order to establish multidisciplinary collaborations, encourage research projects sets and get an international projection that allows us to collaborate with other similar consolidated societies. Thus, the First SEJyD Meeting, to be held on 12 and 13 July 2016 in Palma, will be the first open and ordinary meeting of the society, with the intention that new similar meetings will be held every two years (in and out of Spain). Today the society has more than 50 associates (including founders and tenure) who are researchers from various disciplines and research groups belonging to Spain and other countries (Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany, etc.)

The first meeting to be held in Palma, apart from several open-themed tables, is intended to promote contributions related to the following topics:

  1. Influence of the affective processing in judgment and decision-making.
  2. Approaches to the study of moral judgments and moral assessments.
  3. Approaches to the study of preferences, aesthetic appreciation and aesthetic judgment.
  4. Neural bases of judgment and decision making (JDM).
  5. Decision making in the field of sport.
  6. Decision making in the field of consumer behavior (we encourage contributions related to tourism consumption).
  7. Symposium on methodological problems (replicability) and ethical themes related to JDM.

The local organizer Committee is composed by the following members:

Jaume Rosselló MirPresident
Marcos Nadal RobertsVice-president
Guido Corradi
Juan Tomás Escudero Lòpez
Albert Flexas
Alexandre Garcia-Mas
Antoni Gomila Benejam
Enric Munar Roca
Neus Palmer Covas
Francisca Sastre Servera

The specific website for the meeting will be available soon. In the website will be announced the members of the Scientific Committee, invited talks, provisional programme, deadlines for submissions and other relevant informations.

We look forward to your attendance and contributions.

We will keep you posted!

UPDATE: We are pleased to announce that the days after our meeting, 14-16 july 2016, the Spanish Society of Psychophysiology and Cognitive and Afective Neuroscience will carry out the X SEPNECA Congress. July will be an exciting month here in Palma.

Organizing Committee of the First Meeting of the Society for the Advancement of Judgment and Decision Making Studies