Lluis Barcelo i Coblijn

Dr. Lluís Barceló i Coblijn


Main research fields: Linguistic Biology / Evolution of the Language Capability / Complex Networks

Collaborator of the department of Psychology

Publications: see my researchgate

Master Theses:

Barceló-Coblijn, L. (2007). Universitat de Barcelona. La selecció de l’auxiliar en neerlandès i en alemany: una anàlisi comparativa lèxico-sintàctica.[Catalan] Supervisor: Jaume Mateu Fontanals

Barceló-Coblijn, L. (2010). Universitat de les Illes Balears. Una aproximació biolingüística al mosaic de la vocalització de l’Homo neanderthalensis.[Catalan] Supervisor: Antoni Gomila Benejam


(2014-105) Language Processing (course in English) 11207

(2013-2014) Evolutionary Theory (course in English) 11191

(2012-2013) Language evolution (course in English) 10039

(2011-2012) Pensament i llenguatge [Thought and language] 21324

Presentations at conferences and seminars:

(2014) Barceló-Coblijn, L. Redes sintácticas y fenotipos lingüísticos. Hospital Universitari Son Espases, 19th February.

(2014) Barceló-Coblijn, L. & Gomila, A. Syntactic development in phenotypic space. EVOLANG 2014. Vienna, 14-17 April.

(2014) Barceló-Coblijn, L., Real Puigdollers, C., Irurtzun, A. & Gomila, A. New psycholinguistic technique for analyses of syntactic capability uncovers developmental trends. Nijmegen Lectures 2014. Nijmegen 27-29 January.

(2013) Barceló-Coblijn, L. Hominins through communication and language. Invited talk at the Comparative Biolinguistics: An exploratory workshop, Barcelona 28-29 November.

(2013) Barceló-Coblijn, L., Rushlau, X., Gomila, A. Pere Alberch’s phenotypic morphospace adapts to language ontogeny: Network analyses reveal typical and atypical phenotypes. In the 3rd Annual ESHE meeting (Vienna, 20 – 21 September, 2013) [poster]

(2013) Barceló-Coblijn, L. On Evolution and the codifying properties of communication systems in primates. At the International Congres of Linguists, special session “Origin of language and human cognition” 22-27 July, Geneva.

(2013) Benítez-Burraco, A., Barceló-Coblijn, L., & Boeckx, C. Understanding language evolution implies to understand evolution. At the International Congres of Linguists, special session “Origin of language and human cognition” 22-27 July, Geneva.

(2013) Barceló-Coblijn, L., Benítez-Burraco, A., & Boeckx, C. Variation, speciation, and the development of Sapiens’ language ready brain At the International Congres of Linguists, Workshop on “Advances in Biolinguistics” 22-27 July, Geneva.

(2013) Barceló-coblijn, L. Redes sintácticas como herramienta para el análisis de la complejidad del lenguaje y la determinación de su fenotipo. 13 May, Universidad de Murcia.

(2013) Barceló-Coblijn, L. Alberch’s phenotypic morpho-space applied to the developmental level of language, at the symposium “What can an extended synthesis do for biolinguistics: On the needs and benefits of Evo-Devo-Logo”, within the 2013International Conference on Evolutionary Patterns: Horizontal and Vertical Transmission in Micro- and Macroevolutionary Patterns of Biological and Sociocultural Evolution, 27-29 May, Lisbon.

(2012-10-28).Barceló-Coblijn, L. La facultat de llenguatge de l’ésser humà: investigant els seus orígens i evolució. Grup de recerca en anàlisi lingüística (GRALing). Universitat de les Illes Balears. [seminari]

(2012). Barceló-Coblijn, L. Sources of Biolinguistic Variation. At the ICREA International Biolinguistics Symposium, 1-3 October, Barcelona. Organized by the Biolinguistics Initiative Barcelona (University of Barcelona). [poster]

(2012) Barceló-Coblijn, L. Do transitions in the ontogeny of syntactic networks reflect “jumps” between computational phenotypes within a morphospace? At the “Theory and evidence in language evolution research” thematic session within the43rd Poznań Linguistic Meeting (PLM).

(2012) Barceló-Coblijn, L., Corominas-Murtra, B., & Gomila, A. From Syntactic trees to small-world networks. Complexity in the ontogeny of syntactic networks of three different first languages: Dutch, German and Spanish. Workshop “In search of new ways to understand language variation, change and acquisition“, within the Basque Summer School. Donostia Basqueland. [poster ]

(2012) Barceló-Coblijn, L. Research on Language Evolution and the Biolinguistic perspective. Grup de recerca en anàlisi lingüística (GRALing). Universitat de les Illes Balears. [seminari]

(2012) Barceló-Coblijn, L. Evolutionary theory and Language Evolution: hybridization and  the developmental program of the language faculty.Biolinguistic Initiative Barcelona. Universitat de Barcelona. [seminari]

(2012) Barceló-Coblijn, L. & Gomila, A. Campbell’s monkeys alarm calls are not morpheme based. At the 9th Evolution of Language Conference (Evolang9), Kyoto, Japan.

(2011) Barceló-Coblijn, L. The relevance of Neandertal and Sapiens interbreeding for Language Evolution. At the workshop“Advances in Biolinguistics” within the 44th Annual Meeting of Societas Europaea Linguisticae. 8-11 September 2011.  Abstract

(2011) Barceló-Coblijn, L. & Gomila, A. Syntactic development at 25 months: a critical phase transition of grammatical rule induction. Workshop on Complex Systems in Linguistics, at the University of Southampton, United Kingdom.  Abstract

(2011) Barceló-Coblijn, L. Co-Evolution of hearing and speech in the genus Homo: the acoustic effect of air sacs on vocalizations and the consequences of their disappearance. Fourth Iberian Conference on Perception, CIP-Mallorca 6-8 July 2011Abstract

(2011, 27 de juny) Barceló-Coblijn, L. “The biolinguistic sense of duality of patterning”, seminar organized by the Grup de Biolingüística, Universitat de Barcelona. [seminari]

(2011, 17 de juny) Barceló-Coblijn, L. “Traces of Neadertal vocalization”, al Centre de Lingüística Teòrica (CLT), Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. [seminari]

(2011) Barceló-Coblijn, L. Alleged morpheme-based alarm calls in the light of biolinguistics. The role of Duality of Patterning in morphology. At the Graduate workshop on biolinguistics within the19th Conference of Student Organization of Linguistics in Europe. University of Groningen / January 5-8. Abstract [anglès]

(2010) Barceló-Coblijn, L. A Biolinguistic approach to a sophisticated capacity for oral production of H. neanderthalensis. At the VSSoL Conference on Language, Nature, and Cognition. 16-17 July, Vigo, Spain.  Abstract

(2009) Barceló-Coblijn, L. Faculty of Language: Descent with Modification. In the conference Ways to Protolanguage: the initial stages of the evolution of the language faculty. 21-23 September, Toruń, Poland. Abstract

(2009) Nadal, M., Christensen, J.F., Gut, N.K., Olivera, A., Barceló-Coblijn, L. Empathy: Empathic and antipathic emotion induction – a new experimental paradigm, APA 117th Annual Convention. Toronto, Canada: APA. ( Poster ) [English]

(2009) Christensen, J.F, Nadal, M., Flexas, A., Barceló-Coblijn, L. L’evolució de l’ésser humà. Any Darwin a les Illes Balears.

(2009) Barceló-Coblijn, L. Nadal, M. , Olivera, A., Christensen, J.F., Flexas, A., Bustos, P., Munar, E. Els orígens de la cognició humana: les singularitats d’una ment extra-ordinària. Any Darwin a les Illes Balears.

(2009) Flexas, A., Nadal, M., Barceló-Coblijn, L., Christensen, J.F. El Darwinisme avui. Any Darwin a les Illes Balears.